Monday, May 18, 2015

AMS Denali Updates: AMS/ AG, 5/8: Hoeschen & 5/11: English

The 5/8 AMS/AG Denali team led by Josh Hoeschen and Beth Cleary have moved up to 14,200' feet today with the team from Japan/Adventure Guides. Everyone is moving steadily, as they had ample time to acclimate at 11,000' camp with the previous days of weather. Good weather has arrived today and teams are moving on the mountain.

AMS photo of 14K camp from previous trip

AMS example of a cook tent/mid base at 14K camp

AMS photo from 14K camp on a beautiful night

The AMS May 11 Team led by Dustin English with John Sykes are making a carry of gear up from 11,000' camp today, in preparation for moving up to 14,200' camp. Everyone is doing well and enjoying the sunshine.

AMS climbers departing from 11K camp to head up to 14K camp

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