Sunday, May 17, 2015

AMS Mountaineering Course- 6 day- Runyan

AMS six day mountaineering course departed today for the Coffee Glacier in the Alaska Range with lead guide Greg Runyan and assistant guide Chelsea Bomba. A young, strong crew eager to learn mountaineering skills flew with the glacier landing air taxi on a beautiful, sunny summer day. Three Alaska (Talkeetna and Chugiak) folks are included in the crew!

AMS participants, friends from Chugiak

AMS guide Chelsea Bomba teaching Denali Skills Workshop

AMS team  R to L: Chelsea Bomba, Mitchel Jurasek, Greg Runyan, Colin Sumida, Sam Dempsey, Cody Bjorklund, Art Neumann, and Nathan Seeley

AMS team jumping for joy

AMS participant and local Talkeetnan Mitchel excited to get out on the glacier! 

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Amy Jean said...

Thank you, AMS for updating!
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