Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Denali West Buttress, 5/11: English and 5/15: Ronczkowski Teams

The May 11 team led by Dustin English, moved up to camp 3, 14,200' to a large relatively open area of glacier which serves as an advanced base camp, and is staging and acclimatizing area for the upper mountain.

They moved in some windy, but do-able conditions around aptly named Windy Corner, and are safe and sound at the14,200' camp this evening.  Dustin reports that they plan to back carry tomrorrow, weather permitting, and plan to keep building snow walls ( they did this at 11,000 toot) to protect their tents flies from the winds so they can get some rest.  For anyone wondering...the tents are anchored down well with special snow achors, but we still build big thick snow block walls to protect the tents from too much flapping and so we can get sleep at night!  AMS prides ourselves on building the most well crafted walls in the whole camp, and this iis a regular activity that all climbers one must do when climbing Denali.

The AMS May 15 team led by Noah Ronczkowski is sleeping at camp 2, @ 11,000' feet tonight after making a carry to 13,500' today.  The carryied food, fuel and super warm clothing items that they will need later during their expedtion.  this helps lighten their backpack and sled loads in the anticipation for the move to the next camp and helps them acclimitiaze to higher altitudes.

Photo of Denali and the route in red, AMS image, some samll disrepancies occur with elevations but main camp areas remain the same. 

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