Friday, May 15, 2015

Denali West Buttress, 5/11 - English Update

The May 11 team lead by Dustin English, is making good progress upwards.  Yesterday, they moved up to 11,000' and settled into camp alongside two other AMS teams, they are doing very well and feeling strong. They will be waiting for the winds to settle before moving higher on the mountain.

When it clears, their next move will be to carry food, fuel and equimpment up to the Windy Corner area, and on the following day, make the full camp move to 14,200'.  This will help the team acclimatize to higher elevations and help keep thier packs lighter on move day.

Travel in a "whiteout", if you look closely you can just see a climber ahead.
Most likey the move yesterday looked a bt like this for them. To those at home: not to worry, the AMS guides know the route well and in these conditions use GPS and compass bearings to stay on track.  One thing this photos doesn not show is the rope, climbers are always roped together when travelling on the glacier in Alaska.  This photo was likely taken by the front person of one rope team, looking towrds the roped team ahead.

All is well!

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