Sunday, May 24, 2015

Denali West Buttress 5/15 Ronczkowski- Update!

They May 15 AMS team led by guides Noah Ronczkowski and Adam Fabrikant are at 14,200'. This morning, in a window of clear weather, they descended to 13,500' to pick up their previously cached food, fuel and gear and returned to camp at 14,200'.  This movement helps with acclimatization and their next goal will be to carry up to the ridge at about 16,200' feet. There was a slight lull in the winds today, which is a welcome change.  Everyone is doing well and building group camaraderie and bomber camps at 14,200!.

AMS roped climbers at 14,200' . Skyline view: Mt. Hunter (left) and Mt. Foraker (right)

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