Monday, May 25, 2015

Denali West Buttress 5/25 Tumolo - Head to air taxi and make it to basecamp!

TAT web cam from earlier storm clouds in the area today

AMS climbers helping to load frozen food before heading out to air taxi. Don't forget food, water bottles, and a smile! 

AMS 5/25 Denali Team lead by guides Jeremiah Phelps and Todd Tumolo with climbers feeling good: Pendar, Parker, Kenneth, David, Bob and Nicky Lowry (who are celebrating 2 year anniversary!) 

AMS climber Pendar psyched to get the call to head over the airport. 

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MaryBeth Stein said...

Good Luck! I will be thinking of you! (PS-MaryBeth is still my favorite child...) Love, mom Dorothy