Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Denali West Buttress 5/4, Opp and Custom Denali West Buttress-Hoeschen

AMS guide Nate Opp is doing well, carried a load to the Windy Corner area yesterday and the whole team is thinking about moving up to 14'200 foot camp to acclimate and be prepared to keep heading towards the summit eventually!

AMS photo of 14' camp on a busy summer day with Hunter peeking out of the clouds

Opp's route today from 11' to 14' camp, just after Windy Corner

AMS photo of Foraker in spectacular light. The sun sets about 10:40 pm and rises at 5:20 am currently

AMS/ AG Denali 5/8 - Hoeschen is doing well with his custom trip from Japan in partnership with Adventure Guides. The team made it to 11,000' feet yesterday and today they are having a more restful day in addition to going back down to 7,800' to pick up remaining items they cached yesterday.

AMS previous team carrying gear up to 11,000' feet 

AMS team digging a cache at 10,200. 

One reason to dig and cache your food and supplies are ravens are found at most camps on Denali and will tear into a lot of items looking for food. 

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