Friday, May 15, 2015

Denali West Buttress 5/4: Opp and Custom AMS/ AG Denali West Buttress May 8: Hoeschen UPDATE

AMS Denali 5/4 led by Nate Opp and AMS/ AG Denali 5/8 lead by Josh Hoeschen are both currently at 11,000' feet. They have had a few days of stormy weather with snow and winds.

Both teams are making excellent use of this weather event and the excellent teaching and leadership from AMS veteran guides, they have been maintaining an organized camp, building snow block wind walls and in between maintaining camp they are cooking tasty foods and drinking hot drinks to keep everyone warm and content.

At AMS we encourage responsibility, teamwork, and the development of good judgment throughout our programs. For a truly successful mountain experience, our participants learn about all areas vital to remote expedition life—outfitting, camping, traveling, and enjoying oneself in the company of team members along the way. The camaraderie that forms on our Alaskan expeditions combined with the knowledge gained work together to create an unparalleled experience.
AMS previous camp at 11,000' with wind walls and wands marking areas

AMS guide Opp on a previous trip in the cooktent. This becomes the hangout area on storm days, where camaraderie is formed over keeping hydrated and warm with hot drinks such as tea, miso soup, etc.  

AMS camp set up at 11,000' from previous trips. Raven feather in foreground

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