Sunday, May 24, 2015

Denali West Buttress, AMS/AG 5/8: Hoeschen

AMS/AG May 8 team led by Josh Hoeschen and Beth Cleary with group from Adventure Guides of Japan is making their way down Denali West Buttress with their goal being basecamp (7,200'). Depending on how they are feeling and the weather, they may stop at 7,800' to camp this evening.  The winds are persisting up higher but have calmed down a bit at mid-mountain to allow them to descend and it is still snowing lightly.

Everyone is doing well, though understandabley disheartened by the strong winds and lack of access to the higher mountain.  We are  proud of this team to have experienced the mountain also known as "The Great One".

AMS view from 14K camp

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