Wednesday, June 3, 2015

AMS 5/18 Denali, West Buttress Update

The AMS May 18 Denali, West Buttress team led by Larry Holmgren and Nate Emerson remain at 17,200' high camp awaiting a break in the winds to try for the summit.  They are doing fine.  The in-house AMS record for days awaiting at high camp is twelve days.  But mostly the wait is six or fewer days, if one happens to be camped there during a storm system.

Common activities while waiting include: walking around camp and surrounding rock areas, building snow block walls and fortifying camp, playing cards, reading books, eating, drinking, chatting with team mates and meeting other climbers whom are also waiting. Once there was an immprovised vollyball tournament; AMS had the advantage of having a previous Olympic coach as one of our guides during that time, just sayin'.

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