Monday, June 29, 2015

AMS Custom Denali June 16: Returns!

AMS Custom June 16 Denali team led by Wes Bunch and Jeremiah Phelps has reurned to Talketna!

The team is doing well and are happy to be back in Talkeetna.  They reached a high point of 16,400' and were able to experience the beauty of Denali on the magnificent 16 thousand ridge.

Congratualtions to this hardworking team!

Below are photos from previous AMS expeditions which show you what type of terrain was covered in the past 24 hours.

Evening view looking NorthWest from about 12,000'

AMS team descending from 14,200' camp

AMS Descnding around Windy Corner

Climbers on the Ridge between 16,200' and 17,000' feet

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