Wednesday, June 10, 2015

AMS Denali and Course Team Updates

The weather is the one thing we cannot change.  Weather on Denali controls everything.   It has been steadily snowing and windy at higher elevations this season.

All AMS Teams are doing well, we are fortuate to have such a great team of climbers with us this season, many thanks to all of them for thier positive and fun loving attitudes.   Everyone is now waiting for the weather to improve. They are doing a good job being patient, they are going to have plenty of good stories!  The forcast looks for improving weather on Thursday and significantly better weather on Friday and beyond.

AMS 5/25, Denali  West Buttress led by Todd Tumolo and Jeremiah Phelps have departed 14,200 camp and are making their way to base camp tonight. AMS mountain grapevine reports that they looked in good spirits despite the weather. LATE NIGHT UPDATE! They have arrived into basecamp and if it is flyable, they will be in Talkeetna tomorrow morning!

AMS 5/27, Denali West Buttress led by Dusty Eroh and Curtis Green also have left 14,200',  they are also descending to base camp tonight.  AMS mountain grapevine reports that they also looked good on their descent.

AMS 5/29, Denali West Buttress led by Alex Stroud and Scott Patch remain at 14,200' camp.  The team is patiently waiting for a break in the weather to make their move higher.

AMS 6/1, Denali West Buttress led by Mark Postle, Chelsea Bomba and Chris Welch are at 11,000 camp.  They also are waiting for the weather to improve before heading to higher elevations.
- Ada sends "Happy Birthday Wishes"  to her husband Charlie! 

AMS 6/3 Denali West Rib led by Josh Hoeschen and Kai Gerard remain at 7,800' camp,  they are waiting for the weather to improve to move up to their camp in the North East Fork.

AMS/Combat Wounded Veteran Trip 6/5 Mountaineering Course led by Greg Runyan and Bace Poplawski,  has been busy with classes on crevasse rescue, avalanche, they moved camp and are currently waiting in a snow storm, maintaining their camp by shoveling out the tents and building walls. They were supposed to fly out today, so lets keep our fingers crossed for clearing tomorrow.

Team moving doing snow storm
AMS teams build walls to protect the tents in bad weather

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