Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AMS DENALI UPDATE: Postle 6/1 and Gaddy 6/9 and Hamill 6/12

AMS team lead by Mark Postle 6/1 is holding at high camp for one more chance to summit tonight or tomorrow morning early. It is cold and windy so they are continuing to rest up to give the top their best. Everyone is doing well and we congratulate them for making it to high camp.

AMS photo by Mike Janes, spectacular view from High Camp at 17,200'

AMS team lead by Elliot Gaddy 6/9 has arrived at 14K camp today in good spirits and doing well. They are feeling the warm temperatures on the mountain today, but he reports the glacier conditions are good for travel. The team passed Hamill's 6/12) team on the way up and reports they cached at Windy Corner today. Gaddy reports that he might have even smelled the smoke from the recent Willow fire that has been burning all week.

The recent Willow/Sockeye fire that has affected many people in the area. This is approximately 44 miles South of Talkeetna.

AMS photo taken by Torkelson of the route up Squirrel Hill, elevation about 12,300' which is in between 11K camp and Windy Corner (13K). Windy Corner is where Hamill's team cached today. 

AMS photo by Torkelson, view of Kahiltna Dome from 14K camp

AMS photo of 14K camp during sunset with winds up high on the ridge

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