Thursday, June 25, 2015

AMS Denali West Buttress, 6/12 Team, 6/15 Team, and 6/25 Team

AMS Denali West Buttress 6/25 team let by Guides Rob Gowler, Curtis Green and Ariel Svetlik-McCarthy had a very busy day.  Early morning briefing with National Park Service.  Returning to AMS headquarters to begin Denali Skill review.

Fixed line demonstration

Guide Rob and Intern Simon set up tent
6/25 Team roping up with gear

Team practice fixed lines

Denali West Buttress 6/12 Team led by Mike Hamill and Jake Kayes have returned.  After a successful summit on June 23 THis team is happy and healthy! Guides Mike Hamill and Jake Kayes were happy to have led such a capable and well prepared team of climbers.  Congratulations !!!

The 6/12 Team enjoying the AMS welcome back snack and drink table

6/12 Team ready to unpack and dry their gear.

Denali West Buttress 6/15,   Ronczkowski reported it is a clear and calm day.  The team is going for the summit.  We wish them lots of luck and quick feet today!

Looking at Denali Pass from 17,200 camp, they will travel up on their climb today.
AMS team nearing the top of Denali Pass, approx. 18,200'

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