Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AMS One Day Glacier Trek

AMS guides Melis Coady and Mike Gardner had a beautiful weather window to take the Spangler family from Colorado out to experience the Alaska Range first hand for a full day playing on the Eldridge Glacier. I am sure they had a blast and saw some cool views!

AMS headquarters, Melis teaching Denise
 practicing fixed line ascension. 

Leland, Ava, Denise, Chip, and AMS guides Mike Gardner and Melis Coady
AMS Glacier Trek with the Spangler Family summited "Hershey Kiss" peak at elevation 7,691' on the Eldridge Glacier

AMS guides Melis Coady and Mike Gardner enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the Eldridge on a Glacier Trek

AMS Glacier Trek having a good time on the Eldridge making gigantic snow pin wheels, snow conditions were great for climbing. 

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