Monday, June 1, 2015

Denali Teams Update: Holmgren 5/18 and Eroh 5/27

AMS team being led by Larry Holmgren is holding at 17k camp until the winds and weather clear up for a solid weather window to attempt the summit, today was not the day. The summit day is a long, hard push where you want most factors to be in your favor. Everyone is doing well in a properly built camp.

AMS photo from 17K Camp, with a great view on a clear-ish day

AMS recent trip, Adam Fabrikant photo of 16K ridge approaching 17K camp

AMS team being led by Dustin Eroh has carried today to Windy Corner and is hoping to move to 14K as soon, hopefully tomorrow, as the weather clears enough to move. Everyone is doing well and ready to continue to move up in elevation 

AMS photo by Adam Fabrikant from 17K looking down at the cache area around 13,500'

AMS photo by Torkelson of Windy Corner area

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