Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Denali Update, 6/9 Gaddy team SUMMITS!

AMS Denali expedition lead by Elliott Gaddy and Jimmy Voorhis have summited last night at 6 pm on June 22nd. Congratulations to Robbie, Paul, Alex, Blake, James, and Roberto! Gaddy reports that it was a great day to summit: calm winds, blue skies, and warm. So warm that a chocolate bar in a pack melted! This year is an unusually warm year, with thunderheads (cumulonimbus clouds seen during a thunderstorm) seen and heard in the Denali area. The route conditions remain good and everyone is doing well!! The team is hydrating on hot drinks this morning, resting, and gearing up to descend today/tomorrow. Go team go!

AMS Okonek photo, Denali West Buttress Summit Ridge

AMS Adam Fabrikant photo, getting close to summit on Denali West Buttress with amazing views

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