Thursday, June 4, 2015

Denali West Buttress All Teams Update

All of the AMS teams on the West Buttress are doing well, and most teams are staying put; they are waiting for the the weather to improve.

AMS Denali WB 6/1, led by Mark Postle carried to 10,500  they are currently back at their camp at 7800.

AMS Denali Prep Course: led by  Nate Opp is also at 7,800' camp and will stay there today due to over 2 feet of fresh snowfall, which makes for some good trail-breaking.  They descended from higher on the glacier yesterday in deep snow on the glacier.  They plan to arrive in base camp at 7,200' tomorrow.  We looking forward to seeing them.

All teams are doing well! 

Snow on the Mountain

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