Saturday, June 13, 2015

Join our 15 day mountaineering course!

We are looking for a couple more poeple to sign up for our kick-ass 15 day mountaineering course. Its a 12 day course combined with a serious 3 day hike out of the mountains. It's THE sought after wilderness trip of a lifetime, and AMS has it dialed. 
Please sign up soon, we need 2 more to make this course a go! Spread the word!
July 11-25, 2015
$3600, with lots of inclusions!
Birthday in the Alaska Range
Alpine rock climbing during this course

Flying into the AK Range for the course start

AMS AK Range Climbing and Glacier Travel.

Ascending out of a crevasse

Cooking in tent groups, learnign the skills  required to live and clmber well.

Technical climbing opportunities

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