Friday, July 3, 2015

AMS Denali 6/25 Team Update

AMS 6/25 team led by guide Rob Gowler, Curtis Green and Simon Frez- Albrecht checked in yesterday via Rob's delorme in reach.

On July 1, the team made the move to 14,200' camp in white out conditions, making travel go a bit slower. On these days, guides use map and compass, GPS and by feel (via boots) to find the hard packed trail for the most efficient travel.

Yesterday, July 2, they descened to 13,500' to pick up food, fuel and gear the previous cached and burried in a snow hole, they carried these items back up to 14,200', and now they have all of their supplies with them.

Today, July 3, they carried food fuel and equipment to 16,400', this will help them lighten their future pack weight for the move to high camp ( 17,200') , and will help their bodies acclimaitize to the higher elevations in anticipation to their move.  They have returned to 14,200' camp and Rob reports that everyone did well.

Tomorrow, July 4: they will take a well deservered rest at 14,200'.

The team is doing very well and feeling strong.

Direct link to Rob's posts on the AMS Facebook Page:

Back Carry to 13,500' 

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