Monday, July 6, 2015

AMS Patagonia Frontiers Alaska Expedition

AMS younger crew from the Patagonia Frontiers is moving right along on schedule. AMS guide John Sykes sent a quick message today reporting that they are heading down the East Fork of the Jack River drainage by foot and all is well. The warm temperatures have arrived again in Alaska, in Cantwell where they began their trip it is 79 degrees. They have gained some elevation and are now at approximately 4,500 feet. This is a beautiful area with tundra hiking and potential for caribou, marmot, eagles, bear, etc. sightings. All of these animals are pre-occupied foraging for food for the winter. The Jack River is a clear river that the group will eventually cross at a good spot to continue on to Caribou Pass, where there re-ration will be awaiting. What a great adventure!

Jack River, Talkeetna Mountains 

AMS Delorme message from guides John Sykes and Chris Welch, marked as the blue triangle (Colby Coombs)