Friday, July 3, 2015

AMS Patagonia Frontiers Alaska Expedition Begins

We are happy to welcome the Patagonia Frontiers Alaska Expedition back to join us for a great adventure.  This group of teens will spend three weeks in remote Alaska: hiking, snow school and rafting, in those three weeks they will only cross a road one time.

The team led by AMS instructors John Sykes and Chris Welch will be backpacking in the remote Talkeetna Mountains.  Their route will begin hiking just off of the gravel Denali "Highway" over tundra, forest and taiga to Caribou Pass; where they will then learn mountaineering skills and use those skils to continue travel up and over to Honolulu Pass and down to the Chulitna River.  Once at the river, we will meet them with rafts and they will begin river travel back to Talkeetna.

Gear check and packing rations have been the order of the day.

Instructor Chris Welch gear checks

Preparing food for packing

Instructor John Sykes oversees food packing and asnwers questions.

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