Sunday, July 19, 2015

AMS/Patagonia Frontiers Alaska Expedition Update 7/19

The group called in today to check in about their re-ration and let us know they were on schedule. All is well. Tomorrow they will meet the van on the road and begin the transition to the rafting leg. They are looking forward to fresh foods and fruit!

 The first portion of this video is taken on the pass the students will be hiking on their way down to the road. The rafting shots descend the creek the students will be walking next too. Video and photo by Chris Erickson from different trips.

AMS photo by C.Erickson: Upper Honolulu Plateau terrain of tundra and small streams. Between Hurricane Creek and Honolulu Pass.

AMS photo looking to Honolulu Pass. Photo by C. Erickson

AMS photo by Amanda Erickson: views off the ATV track leading to the Denali Highway of Denali/Mt. McKinley

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