Thursday, July 9, 2015

AMS 6/25 Expedtion on the Top of North America!

Rob Gowler leading the AMS June 25th expedtion just quickly phoned in from 20,320'.

Today has been a beautiful day high on Denali.  They had to break trail the whole way from high camp, so they got an extra workout today, way to go team. It is beautiful with no winds for them today with only a cloud layer below them at about 15,000'.  Their photos will be spectaular.

Congratulations to this hardworking and great group of climbers.

Below are some past AMS photos of the terrain this team covered today.

Summit of Denali, 20,320'

Climbers on Denali's Summit Ridge, Photo: Brian Okonek

Expand this one: 3 climbers on Denali's summit ridge

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