Sunday, August 16, 2015

AMS Mountaineering Course, 12 day, Sykes- RETURNS!

AMS 12 day team lead by John Sykes and Simon Frez-Albrecht with participants Sam and Abel have returned safely to Talkeetna via the Chulitna river.  Here a few photos right as they were getting back, with more to come from the actual trip! For now they are showering and eating a well-deserved meal! What a unique adventure!~ 

AMS 12 day team unloading at the main Talkeetna beach. The Chulitna, Susitna, and Talkeetna all meet here and are composed of glacial melt. 

AMS group shot of 12 day team: Abel, John, Simon, Sam

AMS 12 day team getting the glory walk down Main Street Talkeetna with tourists taking their photo.

AMS intern Simon stoked to be back after some long days in the field!

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