Tuesday, August 4, 2015

AMS with Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge- DEPARTS!

AMS director and guide Colby Coombs heads out today with assistants Beth Cleary, Mike Gardner, and Ariel Svetlik-McCarthy along with nine participants of the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge. Some participants have been to Alaska before, but others are very excited for their first time Alaskan adventure that lies ahead. David Olson supported with the last two days of arriving to Anchorage, traveling to Talkeetna, a great gathering of folks for a BBQ hosted by Caitlin and Colby last night, and now today loading up the AMS van full of gear and people driving North to Denali National Park.

This evenings activities will include a backcountry check-in/safety video about respecting wildlife, river crossings, and leaving no trace. Dinner tonight in the park entrance, (at one of the many restaurants to choose from to support the large summer crowds), and then camping a short distance away from the DNP entrance at Riley Creek. Bright and early tomorrow morning the crew will arise to leave behind the hustle/bustle and creature comforts to embark on a journey to Mt. Brooks: fording rivers, mosquito head nets, possible bear sightings, etc. en route to finding snow and climbing.

What a great crew with top notch guides, stay tuned for updates as they trek along!

AMS packing up!

AMS BBQ nail painting session :)

Lee checking out Yancy's awesome nail art done by Lisle Coombs and friends. 

Group photo at AMS headquarters: Zach, Caitlin, Colby and Lisle, Garrett, Rocky, Fara, Dom, Gerard, Mike, Roland, Fallon, Ariel, Yancy, Beth, Lee, and David. 

Lee and Lisle waiting for the crew to get going!

Denali Park Entrance, trip advisor photo

Moose and two calves, part of the wildlife at Riley Creek at the National Park entrance. Flickr photo

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