Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge, Plan B: Mint and Matanuska Glacier

AMS and CWVC crew re-fueled at headquarters after returning from Denali National Park where the Mckinley river, the gateway to Mt. Brooks, was at flood stage and uncrossable. The alternate route was a no-go as well, so a new plan has been hatched. Everyone is in good spirits and excited to be eating moose burgers again. The team departed this morning and we just received a Delorme inreach (tracking device) message saying they have arrived to Hatcher Pass and will embark to the Mint glacier soon. Hatcher Pass is a great recreational area near Palmer, AK. Can't really go wrong in Alaska, especially with the sunny days we continue to have into August!
Lee and Zach fine tuning and adjusting prosthetic with weight of a backpack. 

Having a good time at AMS headquarters!

CWVC location at 1:15pm on August 12th, 2015

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