Saturday, May 28, 2016

All AMS Denali Teams Update: Moving

Great news! The winds settled down and all the AMS teams were able to move or carry as needed.  All the teams did great work today, we are happy the weather improved.

Photo of Denali today from Denali State Park, Kesugi Ridge, clear and beautiful day.

AMS 5/11 Denali Led by Larry Holmgren and Jake Kayes made carry of extra food, fuel and equipment up the fixed lines to 16,300' on the ridge.  They will remain camped at 14,200' tonight and move to high camp tommorrow if all is looking good with the weather.   This was a good day for them to acclimatize to higher elevations, they were excited to get moving and are well.

AMS team practicing fixed line ascention on the flats of 14,200'. 
Descending the fixed lines after making a carry of extra food and fuel, aprox 15,500'

AMS Custom Denali 5/17 led by Erik Remza and Jimmy Voorhis have moved to 14,200 today, they were happy to get to higher elevations.

AMS 5/23 Custom Denali led by Colby Coombs moved to 14,200' camp today and will rest there tomorrow.  They are doing well.

AMS setting up camp at 14,200'

AMS 5/18 Denali led by Dustin English and Michael Gardner with Team Lebanon made their carry of extra food, fuel and equipment to windy corner today they are doing great. They plan to move up to 14,200' tomorrow.

AMS Custom Denali Traverse 5/21 led by Todd Tumolo and Aaron Devine carried their extra food, fuel and equipment to 13,500' today at windy corner, they plan to move up to 14,200' camp tomorrow. All is well.

AMS 5/22 Denali led by Nate Opp and Scott Patch carried their extra food fuel and equipment to 13,500' today, they plan to move up to 14,200' camp tomorrow. They are doing well.

Rounding Windy Corner at about 13,600'
AMS 5/25 Denali led by Noah Ronczkowski, Jeremiah Phelps and Leigh Frye made thier carry of extra food fuel and equipment to 10,350' (higher than normal, so they are feeling strong), and plan to move to 11,200' camp tomorrow.  The too, are ding well!

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