Friday, May 27, 2016

All AMS Denali Expedition Update: Holding Steady

AMS 5/11 Denali Led by Larry Holmgren and Jake Kayes remain at 14,200' the winds gusts are still strong at camp and above. They are doing well, just waiting for better weather to get moving upwards. They are eating well and makign the most of each day at 14,200'. 
AMS kitchen time! This is an expedtion photo of AMS guides, Larry Holmgren, (rolling a burrito) and Nate Emerson from 2015 AMS Denali.

Previous AMS Denali Team, happy and ready for dinner in their snow kitchen.

Many AMS teams remain at 11,200' camp, today they got together and had a nice pancake breakfast party in the wind.

AMS Custom Denali 5/17 led by Erik Remza and Jimmy Voorhis are at 11,200', they are still awaiting good weather to move higher and are super posied to move up when the time is right and are doing well.

AMS 5/18 Denali led by Dustin English and Michael Gardner with Team Lebanon are still camped at 11,200 camp and are hoping to carry to the windy corner area tomorrow, all is well with them.

AMS Custom Denali Traverse 5/21 led by Todd Tumolo and Aaron Devine are still camped at 11,200' They too are all good.

AMS 5/22 Denali led by Nate Opp and Scott Patch are 11,200' camp today and had a rest day in the wind, all are well.

AMS 5/23 Custom Denali led by Colby Coombs remain at 11,200' today.  They are doing well.

AMS 5/25 Denali led by Noah Ronczkowski, Jeremiah Phelps and Leigh Frye are 7,800'  and all is well with them, they will make a carry of extra food fuel and equipment 9,000', and hope to move to 11,200' the following day. The winds are managable at thier elevation.

AMS Guides Nate Opp and Leighan Falley and Denali team (she's now a glacier pilot at TAT but we miss her!) in an AMS Denali snow kitchen. Love the smiles on these faces!

NPS photo marked with the West Buttress route in red.

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