Monday, May 2, 2016

First Denali send off! 5/2 Hoeschen/Kentucky Derby

AMS guides Josh Hoeschen and Jeremiah Phelps have an awesome crew of National Guard pararescue that have come to AK from Kentucky, spent yesterday and today packing, practicing crevasse rescue, and eating a lot of food at AMS headquarters! They are a fun crew and departed this afternoon for Kahiltna Basecamp to be one of the first few groups on the west buttress. Reports say that the glacier is in great condition! We wish this team nicknamed "Kentucky Derby" well.

AMS Kentucky Derby team gearing up at headquarters

AMS refresher of crevasse rescue skills before putting feet on the snow

AMS group photo before departure:  Ryan Darnell, AMS guide Jeremiah Phelps, Zach Paul, John, Josh Welch, AMS guide Josh Hoeschen Andrew Zena and Mike Lober

Loading up onto the glacier plane at Talkeetna Air Taxi

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