Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mountain update AMS

AMS teams are doing well with weather patterns getting better:

AMS 5/21 Denali Traverse led by Todd and Aaron with climber Koen have arrived at 7,800 feet on Denali's West Buttress after landing at basecamp (7,200ft). They made it to camp in good time and just called in to say they accomplished the planned early morning cache to 10,500 feet. Plan to move to 11k camp tomorrow. They are on an early morning schedule and the winds have subsided to a bluebird and light glacier wind day. 

AMS 5/18 Denali WB team led by Dustin English and Michael Gardner  are currently on the same schedule as Todd's traverse team as they flew in one day apart due to weather delays. 

AMS 5/17 Custom Denali led by Remza have checked in yesterday and are at 11,000 feet and doing well. 

AMS 5/22 Denali WB team led by Nate Opp has arrived to 7,800 camp safe and sound. 

AMS REAL TIME: guides Larry and Jake with 5/11 team enjoying a bit of sunshine at 14k camp today. High winds were in forecast, but these walls look bombproof. Great job up there team! 

AMS archive photo by Adam Fabrikant: Denali basecamp beauty

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