Monday, May 2, 2016

Mountaineering Course, lead by Larry Holmgren and Custom Technical Climb, Tumolo

AMS instructor Larry and crew are still doing well. They are at camp at about 5,000' on the Kahiltna Glacier and were either heading up "Johnny Peak"  about 8,000' or traveling 12 miles to the confluence of the Kahiltna and Pika glaciers. Some wind this morning, but everyone is doing really well and enjoying themselves!
AMS previous photo of mountaineering course camping on the Pika Glacier

AMS instructor Todd Tumolo and climber Erin Mai RETURN safely and happy from accomplishing two summits: Moose's tooth Ham and Eggs on the Root Canal glacier and also Bacon and Eggs on the Kahiltna. "Breakfast tour" according to T.T. Congrats and welcome back to the world of green, showers, and burgers! 
AMS photo archives, aerial of Moose'sTooth and Denali 

AMS headquarters unpacking

AMS guide Todd Tumolo and climber Erin Mai fresh off the glacier and stoked! 

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