Friday, June 10, 2016


AMS 5/25 Denali led by Noah Ronczkowski, Jeremiah Phelps are on the Top of North America now. They will be headed back down to high camp, we expect to hear from them in the morning. 

20,310, Denali: Top of North America

Summit Ridge of Denali

AMS 6/1 Denali led by Wes Bunch and Chris Welch are camped at Camp Two,11,200' and made a carry to 13,500', Windy Corner today, they are poised and ready to move up to 14,200' camp tomorrow if weather permits. All are well!

Windy Corner

AMS 6/2 Denali West Rib led by Kai Girard have moved up to 13,300' Camp! The climbing is going well for this team. Two team members along with guide, Adam Fabrikant have returned to Talkeetna, all are well.
The West Rib camp tonight!

AMS 6/5 Military Denali led by Colby Coombs and Tim Hewette took a rest day at 11,200' camp today. All is well.

AMS 6/5, Denali Gowler led by Rob Gowler and John Sykes moved to Camp Two at aprox 11,200' camp last night. They moved camp in a blustery snow and wind storm and were happy to get into camp early this morning. They are really happy and feeling strong.
Kitchen tent with a gem of a find on the glacier, a raven feather. Ravens have been seen by climbers flying as high as 18,000 on Denali.

AMS 6/6 Denali Tyler Armstrong led by Nate Emerson, Lhawang Dhondup and Dave Wade have moved camp to a great camp at 9,500' on the Kahiltna Glacier, this is an alternate Camp 2 and they plan to single move to the 11,200' camp tomorrow. They report that everyone good! 

AMS Camp at 9,800' feet on the Kahiltna Glacier

AMS 6/8 Denali led by Larry Holmgren moved to 7,800' Camp One last night and they are doing well and enjoyng the beauty of the Alaska Range.

View from camp one, 7,800' looking up the NE Fork, and at the Western Face of Denali.  Shown is out 2015 West Rib Team heading up the glacier.

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