Tuesday, June 14, 2016

AMS Denali update: Colby Coombs and Kodiak crew SUMMIT!

AMS 6/5 NSW-BTC, Kodiak Denali led by Colby Coombs and Tim Hewette are making the push to the summit currently. Also at this time Caitlin Palmer and daughter Lisle are checking in on the team from the air, sending many well wishes. Beautiful day on the mountain with minimal wind. Go team go! 

AMS DeLorme current image of zoomed in topo map of Denali, the team at TOP of North America! 

AMS archived photo of the football field, approximately 19,500'. The team has passed this area and is nearing the next section of the route, what is commonly called Pig Hill. Denali tops out at 20,310' 
AMS photo of the man in the ruff, Colby Coombs

AMS aerial photo of the summit! 

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