Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Denali 5/25 Ronczkowski Team - Updated!

AMS 5/25 Denali led by Noah Ronczkowski, Jeremiah Phelps and Leigh Frye remained at 14,200' last night and are all doing great. They are have been waiting for the winds up higher to subside to move up to high camp. The forecast is for winds at 10 -15 MPH today, which is signifcantly less than the past few days, so we hope today is the day!  

!!! Update: The forecast was not correct today and the winds were still to strong to move up, they are hopeful for tomorrow.

Practicing clipping through the fixed lines at 14,200' camp

NPS Map of the West Buttress route and camps. 
Moving up the 16,000 foot ridge toward high camp.


Jingzi Sherman said...

How many more days can they stay there before they need to turn around and come down?

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Their scheduled day to return to Talkeetna is June 15, so they have a few more days to work with to stay on schedule. It is the norm to take 2 nights to get back to the airstrip, so they have time to work with.