Monday, June 6, 2016

Denali West Buttress 6/1 and Denali West Rib 6/2: update!

AMS team led by Wes Bunch and Chris Welch has made it to camp 1, at 7,800'.  Everyone is doing well and psyched to be moving up the West Buttress route after waiting in Talkeetna. Today they cached extra food, fuel and gear at 10,200 feet and are feeling good!

AMS photo archive of gearing up to head to 7,800' on an early morning. 

AMS team led by Kai Girard and Adam Fabrikant is also at Camp 1, at 7,800' and today have carried, climbing gear, food and fuel to cache up the NE fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, this helps them make their way to the base of the full west rib route. Everyone is excited to be there!
AMS Josh Hoeschen photo from 2015 of the North East Fork and Full West Rib route. 

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