Monday, June 13, 2016

June 14 AMS Denali and AK Range 6/ 13 post updated with 6/14 news!

AMS 6/1 Denali led by Wes Bunch and Chris Welch are doing well at 14,200' camp today they had a nice rest day and plan to move up to 17,200', high camp tomorrow.

AMS photo of folks moving up the 16k ridge on a great day.

AMS 6/5, Denali led by Rob Gowler and John Sykes  carried to approximately 17,200' high camp today, because it was such a perfect, great day on the mountain, wind-less and blue-bird skies. They will rest at 14,200' tomorrow and hope to move to high camp on Thurdsay.
AMS photo, view of 14,200' and beyond from 17,200'

AMS 6/2 Denali West Rib led by Kai Girard are doing well, they took a well deserved rest day today and if the weather is good they will try for the summit tomorrow. 
Photo of just below the West Rib 16,300' balcony camp. 

AMS 6/6 Denali Tyler Armstrong led by Nate Emerson, Lhawang Dhondup and Dave Wade rested at 14,200' today and are feeling good! 
AMS photo of West Buttress route. 

AMS 6/8 Denali led by Larry Holmgren carried to windy corner today. Team is feeling good and enjoying the views, if this beautiful weather sticks around, they will move to 14,200' tomorrow. 
AMS photo, Brian Okonek, of Windy Corner approximately 13,100'. Cache area is approximately 13,300'. 

AMS photo, team may be having similar views on such a great day. 

AMS 6/11 Old Men Jimpy Team led by Adam Fabrikant, Aili Farquhar and Jim Williams Arrived into Camp One at 7,800' last night at 2:00 am and ate bagels, bacon and spent the day resting, then had pesto pasta and are moving up to 9,800' or 10,500' for their Camp Two tonight. 

AMS 6/12 led by Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba are getting settled into 7,800' camp. Team is doing well and they report that all is good!  They will make a carry up glacier tonight. 

AMS photo of  7,800 camp and the view of Denali's West Face and the North East Fork 

AMS 6/12 Six Day Mountaineering Course led by AMS instructors Jake Kayes, Reese Doyle, Becca Erdman on the Pika glacier. Today they packed up and moved camp, practicing important route finding and roped travel skills. 

AMS photo of our April 2016 mountaineering course that traveled from the Kahiltna to the Pika glacier. Photo by Tom Himsworth

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