Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21: Denali Team's 6/5 Gowler and 6/6 Emerson; Full West Rib team RETURNS!

AMS teams 6/5 led by Rob Gowler and John Sykes and 6/6 led by Nate Emerson, Dave Wade, and Llawang with the Armstrong family have checked in today from 17,200' to say they are poised and ready for a summit attempt once the weather and opportunity arrives. All is well and everyone is feeling good. From Nate Emerson: "We moved into high camp yesterday evening. Rest day today and looking at summit days starting tomorrow"
AMS photo of glacier travel keeping warm and skin covered.

AMS aerial photo of 17,200' camp 

AMS Full West Rib team returns this morning after descending in good form. Congrats to everyone for a great climb!

AMS Rib team enjoying watermelon and the sunshine, getting ready to de-issue gear and enjoy this summer solstice day! 

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