Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 22 AMS Mountain Update

Late night summer Denali view from the South, Peter's Hills

AMS 6/5, Denali led by Rob Gowler and John Sykes remain at 17,200' high camp today. THey are doing fine and this will be their eigth night at high camp and they are doing well up there. They have plenty of food, fuel and are warm and dry in their mountain tents. They are being patient and are hoping that they have a calm day soon.

6/5 team at the start of thier expedtion at Kahiltna Basecamp.
AMS 6/6 Denali: Tyler Armstrong led by Nate Emerson, Lhawang Dhondup and Dave Wade rested at 17,200' today and are looking forward to a calm day up high for a summit attempt. They are doing well!

AMS 6/8 Denali led by Larry Holmgren are at 17,200 and are poised and ready to move up when the weather allows. all is going great with this strong team. 

17,200', High Camp snow walls and a windy Denali Pass and route above.

17,200' camplooking to the North West

AMS 6/12 Denali led by Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba are at 14,200' tonight and are doing well. They back carried to the Windy Corner area today and plan to take a rest day tomorrow.

AMS 6/14 Denali: Duncan Team led by Mark Postle, Mike Gardner, Curtis Green and Simon Frez-Albrecht moved to 14,200' camp today and are doing well!

AMS 6/15 Denali led by Mike Hamill, Jimmy Voorhis and Emma Lyddan moved to 14,200' camp today and are moving well and are happy for the good weather.

Moving up and around Windy Corner to 14,200' amongst the clouds

14,200' camp seen fromo above and Mt. Hunter peeking above the clouds.
NPS image and route overlay of the West Buttress Route.

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