Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 23 AMS Denali Update

AMS 6/5, Denali led by Rob Gowler and John Sykes went for summit today and turned back at about 19,300'. They are doing well and happy with thier decision to turn back. This is their ninth night sleeping at 17,200' what resilience they have! 
Denali's Upper Mountain, the hortizontial ridge on the left is the 17,200' camp area.
Fresh snow on the 16K Ridge, and this the view from 17,200' camp.

Moving up Denali Pass, the top is 18,200'

AMS 6/6 Denali: Tyler Armstrong led by Nate Emerson, Lhawang Dhondup and Dave Wade reached the top of North America today! Whoop whoop 20,310' Amazing job team! They are back at high camp now and doing well. They are overjoyed, congratualtions!

AMS 6/8 Denali led by Larry Holmgren also reached the top of North America today: 20,310', they are back at high camp now having hot drinks and in thier sleeping bags.  THey had great time and very well done guys!

Summit Ridge of Denali

20,310' Summer solstice summit photo from a past expedition. photo: Brian Okonek
Denali's Summit Ridge.

We expect to see the above teams back in Talkeetna on Saturday, if the weather allows flights to go into basecamp.

AMS 6/12 Denali led by Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba are planning to move to 17,200' tomorrow, they are excited to move upwards are and feeling good.

Windy Corner on the left,  from an over flight with Talkeetna Ari Taxi.

AMS 6/14 Denali: Duncan Team led by Mark Postle, Mike Gardner, Curtis Green and Simon Frez-Albrecht back carried to pick up their cache at 13,400' today and plan to carry up to 16,400' tomorrow. They are doing very well and are having a great time.

AMS 6/15 Denali led by Mike Hamill, Jimmy Voorhis and Emma Lyddan pick up their cache at 13,400' today and plan to carry up to 16,300' tomorrow. This team is really enjoying the mountains and looking forward to moving upwards.

Climbers on the fixed lines at about 15,700' and below, 14,200' camp and the Alaska Range.

!4,200' camp after a light snowfall, nice AMS snow walls.

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