Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26 AMS Update Denali and Multisport Program

AMS 6/12 Denali led by Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba are making an attempt for the summit today.  We wish them the best of luck, weather and swift feet! We will update as we hear more...

Looking at the route up Denali Pass from High camp.
Climbing up near the top of Denali Pass
Summit photo of Denali, this shows the upper 1800' feet of the mountain.

AMS 6/14 Denali: Duncan Team led by Mark Postle, Mike Gardner, Curtis Green and Simon Frez-Albrecht have moved to 17,200' and are doing well, they have built camp and are snug in thier sleeping bags after a nice hot dinner and soup.  All are well.

AMS 6/15 Denali led by Mike Hamill, Jimmy Voorhis and Emma Lyddan report that the whole team seems to be doing well with the big move they just made today; they also moved to high camp at 17,200' and are settled into their tents after a good meal for the night.

AMS team from ealier this season, at the top of the fixed lines, 16,300' Photo, AMS guide: Dustin English 

AMS climbing on the ridge at aproximatly 16,800' on Denali's West Buttress
View of climbers on the 16 K ridgeline from an overhead aircraft.
Lookig down on 14,200' camp and at the Alaska Range from high camp.

At AMS HQ we are saying good bye for now to our recent Denali expedtions that have jsut returned and getting ready for our next Alaska Range program, the Multi Sport Mountaineering, Hiking (bushwacking) and Packrafting Course.  We start on the Pika Glacier with a drop off via ski plane, learn about moutnianeering and climb peaks if conditions permit then and climb up and over a techinical mountain pass, hike over trailess alpine tundra and brush and finally packraft back to Talkeetna.   It's the triple crown of Alaska self sufficient wilderness travel and we are thrilled to offer it this year.

 AMS gear being prepped. Photo: Todd Tumolo

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