Saturday, June 4, 2016

Denali Summit Day! 20,310'

AMS High Camp teams departed from high camp this morning to try for Denali's summit, we just heard that all teams made it to the summit and we are awaiting specific details to come tomorrow

Congratulations to ALL of these hardworking climbers. 

Visit this page in the morning for updates!

Our Current High Camp Teams are: 

AMS 5/17 Denali led by Eric Remza and Jimmy Voorhis 

AMS 5/18 Denali led by Dustin English and Michael Gardner with Team Lebanon 

AMS 5/21 Custom Denali Traverse led by Todd Tumolo and Aaron Divine 

AMS 5/22 Denali led by Nate Opp and Scott Patch

Denali's summit, 20,310' Photo: Brian Okonek
View From the Top of North America, Denali's Summit 20,310' we know a few people seeing this tonight. 
PHOTO FROM A PREVIOUS AMS EXPEDITION: An evening on Denali's summit with several AMS climbing teams, a rare and special time to be together at 20,310'. 

Denali High Camp 17,200' with the mid morning sun over Denali Pass, 18,200'

Nearing the top of Denali Pass, 18,200'

Summit Ridge of Denali, almost at 20,310'

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