Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27 AMS Update Summit and resting and more!

AMS 6/12 Denali led by Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba climbed to the summit of Denali at 20,310' Sunday the 26th and have enjoyed a leisurely, well deserved rest day at 17,200' high camp today.  We are sending a big congratulations to this hardworking team, we look forward to hearing more about their day upon their return to AMS HQ. 

Photo of climbers on the "diving board" at 17,200' high camp, photo by AMS guide and photographer: Josh Hoeschen

AMS 6/14 Denali: Duncan Team led by Mark Postle, Mike Gardner, Curtis Green and Simon Frez-Albrecht Have reached the top of Denali just moments ago! 

Denali Summit photo: from this May by: AMS guide and photographer: Josh Hoeschen

AMS 6/15 Denali led by Mike Hamill, Jimmy Voorhis and Emma Lyddan, are also going for the summit today.

We are super excited for both of these teams and will post more when we hear from them.

Summit Ridge of Denali on s clear day
Summit Ridge of Denali on a day when the wind is lightly picking up from the south.

The AMS Multi-Sport team spent the day gear checking, food packing, reviewing safety measures and with classes in Talkeetna, tomorrow they will do a practice run in their pack rafts to review operations and return to AMS HQ for a final pack up and one-way fly with Talkeetna Air Taxi into the Pika Glacier, Alaska Range.

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