Thursday, June 16, 2016

West Rib 2016

AMS 6/2 Denali West Rib led by Kai Girard reached the summit of Denali last night and are now resting at their high camp at 16,300' the balcony camp. HUGE CONGRATS to this team!!! This is a great group that worked super well together to climb the complete West Rib route, it's the second year in a row AMS has completed this climb. We are stoked.  

These are photos from the AMS 2015 Rib Expedtion, conditions this year were very similar. Enjoy!

Departing 7800 on the Main Kahiltna, Heading into the Northeast Fork from Camp 1, the whole of the Rib Route to 19,200' can bee seen in the background. 

Traveling up the Northeast Fork towards the West Rib.

Camp 2 at 11,200 ft. The Chicken Couloir represents the entrance to the West Rib, and a commitment to climbing the ridge from the bottom to the top. 

Evidence of past expeditions show up every once in a while, a reminder of the mountains long history of climbing. 

This ridge leads up towards the Apex cache site. The route comes up the Chicken Couloir at the bottom left corner of the picture. 

Nearing Camp 3, the Bergschrund camp at 14,300 ft. About halfway up the route.

At the West Rib cutoff, where it is possible to traverse towards the West Buttress. We cache here at 15,700 ft, head up to high camp, and use the cutoff for our descent. 

The Bergschrund camp is one of the most spectacular camps on the route. The Northeast fork of the Kahilitna glacier lies 6,000 feet below, and Foraker is in the background. 

Another day on the West Rib. 

Just below high camp at 16,300, the West Rib in all her glory. 

We will add thier upper route and summit photos to this sweet collection of route photos!  

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