Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 3 AMS Mountain Update: Going For It

6/25: MultiSport: Mountaineering Packrafting Course led by instructors Todd Tumolo and Michael Hutchins are doing well, today they wrapped up their mountaineering section. Tomorrow they plan to climb down up and over a pass, then down from the mountians and off of the glaciatied terrain to make it to a camp site in the tundra, a big day requiring maximum effort. They are ready to go for it.
Climbers on the Pika Glacier this team is comprised of an AMS guide on personal time, with friends; they had a great time on the glacier and their hike and packraft adventure last week! Photo: Amanda Erikson

6/28 Custom Denali West Butrress with Marin led by Josh Hoeschen and Simon Fretz-Albrech made it to 17,200' yesterday and they are going for the top as of this afternoon. They had some clouds but warm temps and calm to no winds. Today is their window of opportunity. They are going for it. We will keep you posted! 
AMS Climbers nearing the top of Denali Pass, 18,200' and about 2.5 hours of climbing from high camp.

7/2 Custom Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue course led by instructors Pete Tapley and Becca Erdman is on the final day of working and learning on the Matanuska Glacier; this custom group had a great time traversing on the ice and learning skills so they can more sefely travel on this terrain on their own. They have gone for it; and had sucess on this training course.

AMS Climber during out April course, training on the Matanuska Glacier in the Spring

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