Friday, August 26, 2016

AMS Custom Backpack Hike, Bomba 8/26 RETURNS!

AMS Guide Chelsea Bomba and team just headed into the Talkeetna Mountains for a great adventure.  After a short helicopter ride they will be setting up camp close to Disappointment Peak.  The group was anxious to get into the wilderness for a a great adventure.

The family had fun gear checking, packing food and weighing gear.

Asha and Robin packing lunch

Tom getting his weight for the helicopter ride

Guide Chelsea Bomba, Vickie, Robin, Asha, Tom

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Camp4Collective, Coombs Returns!

AMS Program Director and chief guide, Colby Coombs and the Camp 4 Collective crew have returned from the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.  The team flew last Friday for an overnight project....  Alaska weather turned it into a 7 day stay. This team was prepared for this and made the most of their time in the Alaska Range. We were excited to see them back and all smiles this afternoon.

Upon returning, the team got busy unpacking and hanging gear to dry.  They are currently relaxing and enjoying pizza here at the HQ while planning the next next few days events.

AMS director Colby Coombs and Freddie contemplate the dinner they would have eaten tonight in the mountains, a lovely leftover mush.

Leighan and Kirsten
Kramer and "Denaliraven" making art at basecamp/photo by Colby Coombs

Leighan and Camp4 film crew at baseacmp/photo by Colby Coombs

AMS making awesome film footage happen/photo by Colby Coombs

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Beyer Custom Hike, 8/19 RETURNS!

AMS wilderness trip returns this afternoon after a wet but rewarding time in the Talkeetna mountains. Roland, Deb, and Aubrey have reports of sightings of caribou, brown bear with cubs, black bears, and even a mystical wolpertinger (german name for jackalope) They had a grand time with lots of laughter, but good to be back and drying out. Here is a photo of Roland hiking from last year's trip:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Beyer Custom Hike, 8/19 Departs!

AMS good friend and annual guest Roland Beyer and AMS guides Deb Ajango, Aubrey Morrison departed for a 5 day hiking adventure in the Talkeetna Mountains.

Roland has been returning to Alaska to explore the wilderness with AMS for more than 20 years.  He is always game to find new interesting things see and do.

We always look forward to his visits anf the great adventures we have with him!

AMS Guides Aubrey Morrison, Deb Ajango and Roland

Here is clip Roland's trip leaving Talkeetna!

Friday, August 12, 2016

12 Day Mountaineering Course, Hoeschen: AMS Photos from course!

AMS is proud to have amazing guides that can teach great classes and document it all in stunning photos. Enjoy the photographs below all taken by lead guide Josh Hoeschen of the recent August 12 day mountaineering course that started on the Pika where they worked on technical rigging, rock pro placement, glacier travel, route finding, winter camping, skiing and multi-pitch scrambling. They had rough weather (rain) but were able to climb the Plunger and get lots of travel and crevasse rescue practice in. They decided to transition to the Mat because of poor weather conditions and got lots of ice climbing, rock climbing and more rigging practice in the greater Mat Valley area. Graduates can be expected to have solid glacier travel/navigation skills, winter camping and pro placement skills.

AMS photo by guide Josh Hoeschen of ascending a route called the plunger on the Pika glacier. 

AMS students Sean and Zach atop the "plunger" rock route in the Pika

View from up high in the Pika glacier of a fin off Mt. Foraker in the Alaska Range

AMS student Sean ice climbing at the Matansuka glacier while guide Chelsea belays below.
AMS student Sean practicing crevasse rescue at the Matanuska glacier. 

AMS guide Chelsea teaching anchors to students Zach and Sean

Matanuska glacier beauty 

AMS climbing classes held at the matanuska glacier 

The team returned from the Pika Glacier on Wednesday.  They made the decision to return to Talkeetna a few days early due to heavy rain.  The rain conditions made it difficult to practice skills that AMS Instructors Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba were teaching.

Yesterday the team departed for the Matanuska Glacier.  As you can see from the picture Josh Hoeschen sent today, they are working on skills. Always good to have a plan B!

Rock Climbing near Chickaloon on en route to the Matanuska glacier. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

AMS Custom Mountaineering, Voorhis Returns

AMS Instructors Jimmy Voorhis,  Simon Frez-Albrecht and students retuned from the Ruth Glacier today.  This course had quite the adventure.  Starting with ice climbing at the Matansuka Glacier for 2 days.

The team retuned to Talkeetna and flew to the Ruth Glacier.   They planned to spend 1 night at the Ruth, but got a bonus night on the glacier since the weather was unflyable.  They had a great time building an igloo.

The airtaxi picked them up this morning.  The team was quick to unload gear.  They enjoyed snacked while they worked.

Unloading gear

Donna and Christine gettin gear out of the rain

Welcome Backl!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

AMS 12 day Mountaineering Course, Hoeschen, DEPARTS!

AMS August 12 day mountaineering course met this morning with Roadhouse muffins and began gear checking, packing lunches from the amazing food room, and fixed line ascension practice (part of crevasse rescue). Both the participants flew in from the SouthEast part of the states for their first experience of Alaska. They arrived to the Pika glacier this early evening, an amazing glacier that has rock climbs and close-up views of Mt. Foraker. A great way to spend it in the Alaska Range!

AMS team heading out on a twelve day mountaineering course! The all black was unplanned uniform. Starting L: AMS guide Josh Hoeschen, Zach, Sean and AMS guide Chelsea Bomba. Don't forget the AMS dog, Jack. 
AMS photo of flying into the Alaska Range. Denali, Foraker and Hunter stand taller than the rest of the high peaks. Photo by A. Erickson