Thursday, August 25, 2016

Camp4Collective, Coombs Returns!

AMS Program Director and chief guide, Colby Coombs and the Camp 4 Collective crew have returned from the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.  The team flew last Friday for an overnight project....  Alaska weather turned it into a 7 day stay. This team was prepared for this and made the most of their time in the Alaska Range. We were excited to see them back and all smiles this afternoon.

Upon returning, the team got busy unpacking and hanging gear to dry.  They are currently relaxing and enjoying pizza here at the HQ while planning the next next few days events.

AMS director Colby Coombs and Freddie contemplate the dinner they would have eaten tonight in the mountains, a lovely leftover mush.

Leighan and Kirsten
Kramer and "Denaliraven" making art at basecamp/photo by Colby Coombs

Leighan and Camp4 film crew at baseacmp/photo by Colby Coombs

AMS making awesome film footage happen/photo by Colby Coombs

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