Monday, September 19, 2016

AMS 12 Day Mountaineering Course, Hoeschen 9/1- a few photos!

Everyone returned safely late evening on September 13th! Here are a few photos thanks to Donald Halvorsen: 

AMS guides Josh and Chelsea teaching a cooking class on the Kahiltna Glacier

AMS 12 day team buttoning up camp as the sun sets.

View from the glacier plane upon return to fall in Talkeetna

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

AMS 12 Day Mountaineering Course, Hoeschen 9/1


AMS guides Josh and Chelsea are working closely with the air taxi to get picked the soonest possible. Currently it is sunny in Talkeetna, but low clouds in the Alaska Range. We heard from the crew today and they are in good hands. We will update as things develop.

The 12 day mountaineering course team will be happy to hear the airplane noise once they are able to get picked up. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

AMS 12 Day Mountaineering Course, Hoeschen 9/1

UPDATE from the field:

AMS guides Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba checked in this morning from the Alaska Range that is currently gathering 3 plus feet of snow in the last 24hrs while Talkeetna is soaking in the rain. Today is the course fly-out day, but as occasionally happens the weather is not allowing planes to safely fly. Everyone is doing great and weather days such as these are part of mountaineering and allow for some important skills to be learned. The team did get some good days to snow climb around Kahiltna basecamp. More photos to come. Everyone is staying warm, fed, and are hopeful to fly out tomorrow weather permitting. We work closely with the amazing glacier pilots to bring everyone home.
AMS 2016  photo of camp life in the snow kitchen tent. 

Webcams such as this one help get a visual for flyable days.

AMS photo of Kahiltna air strip with low clouds. The AMS team and the air taxi are working closely together to communicate weather patterns for both Talkeetna and Kahiltna glacier. 

AMS archive photo of "radio tower" climb that this mountaineering course accomplished on their course. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

AMS 12 Day Mountaineering Course, Hoeschen 9/1

Our last Mountaineering Course of the season just departed for the airport. Instructors Josh Hoeschen and Chelsea Bomba were excited to be leading these great students to the Southeast Fork of Kahiltna Glacier. 

The students were happy to be going on a great adventure.  Last night some had the good fortune to see the Aurora Borealis.  They are hoping to see it again while in the range. 

Joe and Brendan packing

Instructor Josh Hoeschen teaches knots

Brendan Kirti, Nathan & Nona practice knots

Instructor Chelsea Bomba teaching fixed line ascension
Fixed Line
Front Don and Nona
Instructor Josh Hoeschen, Brendan, Nathan, Kirti,Joe, Instructor Chelsea Bomba