Monday, May 29, 2017

All Team update - West Buttress and Denali Prep

Update From Our Teams in the Field

Denali West Buttress 5/11-6/01 led by AMS lead guide Elliot Gaddy  are still hanging tight and waiting out weather at 14,200'.  They hope to start descending tomorrow.

Denali West Buttress 5/14-6/04 (Nate Opp) is also still waiting out weather at 14,200'.  They've been taking short day hikes to help with acclimatization while they wait for good conditions to move up.

Denali West Buttress 5/18-6/8 led by AMS guide Noah Ronczkowski said that they are in high spirits and working on they're digging skills at 11,200' camp.  It sounds like it's quite blustery and snowy all over the mountain. They are staying put at this time.
The AMS Denali Prep Course is safe and sound at Basecamp area at 7,200'.  They have got ten days of learning ahead of them.  They are specifically focusing on skills that will enable them to climb to the top of North America such as crevasse rescue, winter camping, roped travel, etc. They are in good hands with John and get to see the hustle and bustle of climbers going up the West Buttress.  The conditions they will experience out there and the skills they learn will give them a huge advantage when they come back to climb in Alaska again. 
The AMS Headquarters is busy too.  We've got two Denali trips in the throes of packing.  Food, gear, paperwork, etc.  It's a good day to meet old friends, meet new friends and to plan ahead. Remember: PPPPPP
Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.  That's what we're all about!
AMS photo of Basecamp

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