Friday, May 19, 2017

AMS All Team Update

Things are happening and here's and update:

All teams are doing well!

May 4 Denali, West Buttress Team led by Kai Girard is moving to high camp 17,200' today. This is a favorite day with awesome views and terrain. Tomorrow they may rest and be ready for a summit attempt as soon as Sunday.

May 7 Denali, West Buttress Team led by Michael Hamill are resting a 14,200' camp today. This is a well deserved rest and acclimatization day for this team.

May 10 Advanced Mountaineering Course led by John Sykes is cranking out the fun and learning in the Ruth Glacier area, this team of four climbers are exploring and climbing, today they were headed over to ice climb near the Moose's Tooth.

May 11 Denali, West Buttress Team led by Elliot Gaddy is camped at 11,200' camp, today they carried to Windy Corner 13,100' and tomorrow they plan to move to 14,200'.

May 14 Denali, West Buttress Team led by Nate Opp moved to 11,200' camp yesterday, they may carry to Windy Corner tomorrow.

May 16 Six Day Mountaineering Course led by Wes Bunch are having a great time and moved camp today.

May 18 Denali, West Buttress Team led by  Noah Ronczowski flew in to basecamp on schedule today. This is a super nice team, we enjoyed getting to know them for he past couple of days.

Previous AMS moving to high camp.

14,200' camp with the top of Mt. Hunter

Previous AMS team setting up camp at 14,200'

A good day at 11,200' camp from an 2011 AMS team!

AMS setting up tents at Basecamp 7,200' on the North East Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. Photo: Amanda Erickson

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